Thursday, December 10, 2015

Ty Rhame - Tyson Rhame Bio

Tyson Allen Rhame, or “Ty Rhame” always had an interest in aviation. His passion for leadership paired with his fondness for aviation led him to graduate from the US Air Force Academy in 1988 and then pursue a career in the United States Air Force Reserves. Ty Rhame has since become a highly decorated Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Air Force. In addition to his military service, Ty Rhame has served as a commercial pilot for a major United States airline for over 15 years, and enjoys aerobatic aviation in his free time.

 Education has always been a priority to Ty Rhame, having earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science. Ty Rhame’s air force experience paired with his business savvy and drive has fueled his business portfolio and philanthropy. Tyson Rhame has been the voice of strategic advice behind, an online instrument used to connect entrepreneurs who need capital with investors, and the Recleim Group, an appliance de-manufacturing company.

Ty Rhame has also realized success from his real estate investment company, Trinvest, LLC. Tyson Rhame has offered his business expertise in the area of strategic planning as well as financially invested in several companies’ success. For example, the unique and practical hat company JBREM that manufactures hats that cater to consumers such as truck drivers and athletes who wear baseball caps and sunglasses and often place their sunglasses on their head when not in use. The JBREM hats have pockets built in the sides to place the arms of sunglasses in to prevent them from falling off the head. Ty Rhame also has investments in the crowd funding industry, the automotive industry, the personal security industry, and the aviation industry among others. With all of these endeavors in his portfolio, Tyson Rhame is still open to new investment opportunities. Tyson Rhame uses every tool given to him in order to share his entrepreneurial expertise with others. One of the resources that Ty Rhame uses to educate others in entrepreneurship are his various writing series’ on his blog (

Tyson Rhame makes an easy to understand correlation to business and his military experience in order to illustrate his drive to succeed in both areas, but more importantly to inspire others by his own personal journey. Ty Rhame states on his blog,
“Being successful at anything is rarely easy in any competitive environment. A good work ethic is one quality that is missing in many people because they have never truly had to work hard. Believe me when I say that the military taught me what hard work is. I’m not just talking about the physical part of it, I’m also talking about the mental fortitude it takes to persevere when everything seems to be going wrong, nothing is working, you are mentally and emotionally exhausted, and the work seems never ending.”
Ty Rhame stresses the fact that, whether it is related to military battle or training for a job or business, continuously working hard is required in order to be consistently successful.

Tyson Rhame has so much to offer with his business background, entrepreneurship, and strategic planning advice. However, Ty Rhame’s philanthropy is the most valued by the Atlanta community. The Rhame Family Foundation is a charity with a focus on education. The Rhame Family Foundation has made several much needed donations, such as computers and sports equipment like wrestling mats and tennis racquets to K-12 schools in Atlanta in an attempt to enhance the overall learning experience and aid in the reward of extracurricular activities to students. In addition to this, Tyson Rhame is extremely passionate about environmental issues, as well as land preservation and uses this passion to invest in projects that will make a difference by making conscious plans to maintain land.

Ty Rhame has donated over 1,000 acres of land totaling over $20 million dollars to the state of Georgia, and also South Carolina and Tennessee for conservation purposes. The majority of the donations made by Ty Rhame were directed to areas like Union City, GA and Graniteville, SC. The plan of the conservation project was to voluntarily restrict landowner’s rights to build, mine, or remove trees in the areas mentioned. Tyson Rhame also has a passion for health issues and has donated over $40,000 to the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta in order to assist with research studies and various other needs. Ty Rhame has also made substantial contributions to the St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, and Save the Children. Ty Rhame is involved in community resources as well, such as Meals on Wheels, and numerous military affiliated projects such as Hire Heroes, the Wounded Warriors Project, all of which cater to our recently discharged servicemen and women who need assistance once they have left the military.

 Tyson Rhame is an overall inspiration and motivator to all who come in contact with him. He also encourages others to use his examples, presentations, and videos as a resource to become a great leader and a successful entrepreneur. All posts, videos, and links to other resources can be found at  Ty Rhame Wordpress and Tyson Rhame Tumblr Ty Rhame Facebook as well as Ty Rhame LinkedIn, and Ty Rhame Twitter.

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