Saturday, August 25, 2018

Ty Rhame - Blue Skies High Country Winter Fun (short ver)

This Canyon Lake Run video was flown and filmed by Tyson Rhame (Ty Rhame).

This video was filmed in late winter in the high country of Wyoming flying an Extra 330LT (2 Person tandem seat aircraft).  The weather was absolutely perfect with little wind and very low moisture levels resulting in incredible visibility and very “Blue Skies.”  The elevation of the terrain in this video is as high as 13,000ft which creates some unusual challenges.

All piston aircraft lose performance as altitude increases due to the thinner air.  Even high performance competition aircraft have significant challenges at altitudes this high.  One advantage for the Extra 330LT over other aerobatic aircraft is that it has an asymmetrical wing instead of a symmetrical wing.  The symmetrical wing allows the Extra 330LT to cruise at higher speeds and create more lift/performance in high altitude environments.  It also seems to hold its energy better than aircraft with symmetrical wings.

Ty Rhame has been flying since 1984.  He originally started flying and teaching flying in glider aircraft at the United States Air Force Academy.

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